With the divine blessings and guidance of Param Pujya Yogrishi Swami Ramdevji and Acharya Balkrishnaji, an innovative vision in the field of value based education – ‘Acharyakulam’– was inaugurated on 26th of April, 2013. Acharyakulam’, a residential educational institute, is the divine confluence of the age old tradition of imparting wisdom and knowledge in the ancient Gurukulams by our ancestral Rishis & Munies and the ultra–modern Scientific, Professional and IT– enabled education system of today.
Acharyakulam nurtures its students in the divine and spiritual vicinity along with ultra-modern education. The aim of the Acharyakulam to preparing fully awakened and conscious scholars, who will be prepared through the confluence of wisdom and ultra-modern scientific knowledge. To take care of the students’ dreams and aspirations. So, we aspire to instill the best of education with the best of values in our students.
Moreover, this, our students have proved their stature in performing national level of yoga, debate and speech competitions. Enthusiastic and vigorous training of our students with the world class instructors is of great help to achieve their aims in every sphere of learning.To prepare social, cultural, spiritual, economic, industrial, political, scientific & intellectual leadership through Acharyakulam and other erudite programme. Acharyakulam shall play a pivotal role in nurturing superior and fully awakened citizens.”