Patanjali Bio Research Institute Pvt. Ltd

Patanjali Bio Research Institute (Pvt.) Ltd. is not a company, it’s a mission based on “CONCEPT OF ORGANIC FARMING”. The concept that links the rising destiny of millions of rural farmers on the one hand and many more suffering from unhealthy urban life style on the other hand. PBRI specializing in biological products for agriculture applications. It has undertaken R & D to economic available best agriculture solution to the farmers.
With the recent R&D the institute has developed a sound portfolio of many products for all agriculture requirements from soil management to disease and pest management, plant nutrient & health management. The products are renowned for high quality and efficacy. The institute is involved in developing techniques for organic farming through biotechnological applications under his guidance.
Implanting Biogas plant at a lesser cost for the benefit of farmers, developing Eco–friendly and farmer friendly Bio-fertilizers. PBRI focused on research and technology with R&D lab with state of art research facilities and needed infrastructure and world class pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing plant. Our products help farmers to control diseases, pests, improve plant health and increase crop yields, while reducing the chemical pesticide residue in foods, and fighting the development of pest resistance.