Acharya Balkrishna

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Language: Hindi
 Author: Acharya Balkrishna  Category: Ancient Indian Treatises  Publisher: Divya Prakashan  ISBN: 978-93-5235-788-8  Pages: 480  Country: India  Language: Hindi

Thousands of books are based on Yog Shat. Referring to those literatures, Vedacharaya Roopnayana wrote this detailed manuscript called Vaidhvallbha. According to the researchers there are only four handwritten vaidhvallbha transcripts available in India. Thus, this is the first effort to publish Yog Shat Vaidhvallbha with Hindi translation so that it can reach to more people. This book has shown the incomparable importance of Yog Shat in Ayurveda and also it is very useful for the people associated with Veda.

Publisher :- Divya Prakashan
Author :- Acharya Balkrishna
Pages :- 480
Cover :- Hardbound