Acharya Balkrishna

Acharya Balkrishna is a dynamic personality and is the Founder Secretary of Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust. He is managing the clusters of Patanjali units and sub-units by providing meaningful directions for better performance in coordination and liaison with the concerned heads of the units. He possesses all those qualities which makes him different from others, the most admirable is to listen patiently, talk less and work more in the interest of the general masses. Acharya Balkrishna is known to be a silent worker with a sober behaviour.

Educated in the Guru-Shishya Parampara at the Gurukul at Kalwa (Jind, Haryana) under the guidance of Late Acharya Shri Baldevji, he has never looked back. He is a great visionary, highly ascetic, energetic, diligent, simple, easy-going and a versatile personality with multi- dimensional skills, constantly engaged in the service of mankind from the core of his heart.

Acharya Balkrishna ji is a great scholar of Ayurveda, Sanskrit and the Vedas and well versed with Sāṅkhya Yoga, Ayurveda, Sanskrit language, Panini's Aṣṭādhyāyī, Vedas, Upanishad's and rich Indian cultural Philosophy. He is the Flag Bearer of ancient lifestyle, traditions & natural healings. Due to his effort Ayurveda culture and traditions are today acceptable by one and all in these modern times. He has thus became a role model to the youngsters.

Besides, his initiatives for Biodiversity Conservations are unparalleled, he has also explored ‘Sanjeevani’, ‘Soma’, ‘Swarnaksiri’, ‘Swarnadraka’ and ‘Aṣṭavarga Plants’, which are at the verge of extinction. His unimpeachable contribution in the field of characterisation of medicinal plants, indigenous medicine identification, and authentication at national & international levels speaks volumes about his knowledge. Acharya Balkrishan is presently working on various projects, which are of National and International importance, including bringing up of herbal garden & herbariums, the first-ever ‘World Botanical Dictionary’, ‘Wealth of Food Crops’, identification of rare herbs containing medicinal properties & vegetation survey of India.

To strengthen the traditional medicine system of the world he published multivolume of ‘World Herbal Encyclopedia’ that contains description of 60,000 medicinal plant species with world largest collection of medical plants paintings. Acharya Balkrishan is committed to re-inventing new ways and means of getting rid of health problems, bridging the gaps in Ayurvedic knowledge & strengthening of the health system by way of Ayurvedic samhita. He is the torch bearer in creating and improving preventive systems, diagnostic and therapeutic interventions through Indigenous Medicinal System i.e. Yoga & Ayurveda, holistic healing of health naturally compatible with modern health indexes.

He has published more than 378 Research Articles in various National and International Journals. Authored more than 200 books on Yoga, Ayurveda, Agriculture, and Information Technology and edited more than 40 unpublished ancient Ayurveda Manuscripts. One of the scripture ‘Aushadh Darshan’ has been sold more than 10 million copies and in addition, ‘The Science of Ayurveda’ has been published in 71 languages across globe.

With his divine vision, untiring efforts for good health to all, more than 1.5 million patients suffering from stubborn chronic and non-communicable diseases have been cured in the preceding two decades. Presently more than 1500 Ayurveda traditional doctors are providing primary healthcare service/ guidance free of cost to more than 7 million patients per annum and 1 million volunteers are taking free Yoga classes, benefiting over 50 Million persons.

A multi-faceted genius and personality with knowledge and experience in the administrative and managerial fields. His expertise & knowledge is admired by one and all in India and abroad. Famous magazines like ‘India Today’ (Nov 2009), ‘Outlook’ (Jan 2010) acknowledges him among the ‘Ten Versatile and Dynamic Young Men of India’ and ‘India Today’ (Oct 2020) listed him in `High & Mighty 50 Power People’. Acharya Ji also listed in `India's 50 most influential personalities 2020’ by Yahoo. He is reported `India's Third-Youngest Billionaire` by Forbes India Rich List 2020. Acharya Ji Honoured with D Litt. (Yoga) (Honoris Causa) by S-VYASA and the faculty of Management by APS University, Rewa. For the first time UNSDG felicitated renowned people from across the world in health sector, He is Honoured with `UNSDG 10 Most Influential People in Healthcare Award` at the UN headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. He enlisted among top 2% scientists across the world in a study by Stanford University USA and European publisher Elsevier in Sep 2023.

In Sept 2022 Acharya Ji Mounted Three Unmounted, Inaccessible Peaks of Himalayas & discovered many Rare Herbs and also naming them on the basis of ‘Sanatan’ tradition. He is the ‘Most Followed Entrepreneur’ in the India Social Media with more than 10 Million Followers at various social media platforms.

Acharya ji climbed two unnamed and unclimbed icebergs in Harsil Region of the Himalayas in September 2023. The first peak, which stands at a height of 17,500 ft, has been named “OM Kailash Shikhar”, while the second peak which is 16,500 ft high, was named “Nandi Shikhar”.

With his vision for meaningful quality education Acharya Balkrishna has established educational institutions like Ayurvedic College & University with the motive of imparting education to children of all caste and creed with the aim of making them achieve their full potential. This would in turn lead them to contribute a great deal to their communities & the world’s well being and prosperity. By this holiest augmentation, more than 1 million community members have benefited and the endeavour is yielding good results.

Acharya Balkrishna is helping to derive agricultural transformation through organic cultivation to increase agricultural productivity, farmers income, equitable consumption of a safe, affordable and nutritious diet throughout the life span.

Being very close to Humanity and above all a man of the God, he had played a significant humanitarian role in assessment of Post-Disaster requirements on how to help people and coordinate with Governmental authorities for addressing the quick and immediate needs, thereby saving the lives of trapped people. His efforts for relief during the aftermath of sunami 2004, Bihar Flood 2008, Uttarakhand Disaster 2013 and Nepal Earthquake 2015 are note worthy.

He has been decorated with prestigious ‘Ayurveda Expert’, ‘Manav Ratan’, ‘Bharat Gaurav’, ‘Indian of the Year’ ‘Bheeshma Puraskar’’, Lokmanya Tilak’ and ‘Transformational Business Leader’ awards for his exceptional levels of knowledge and expertise, passion to work and service to mankind.