Acharya Balkrishna

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Language: Hindi
 Author: Acharya Balkrishna  Category: Ayurveda  Publisher: Divya Prakashan  ISBN: 978-93-85721-11-3  Pages: 118  Country: India  Language: Hindi Buy Now!

This book is the is the creation of the famous south Indian writer Avdhaan Saraswati(15th century). Another name of this beautiful creation is Prashastoshadh Sanghra. This granth includes the description of ayurvedic medicines for fever and important medicines useful for treating various diseases. Vaidh shat shloki is useful for skin treatment and for treating other parts of the body and thus, it is very helpful for teachers and doctors of Ayurveda.
Publisher :- Divya Prakashan
Author :- Acharya Balkrishna
Cover Type :- Paperback