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Acharya Ji received the ‘UNSDG 10 Most Influential People in Healthcare Award’

“UNSDG 10 Most Influential People in Healthcare Award”


Acharya Ji received the ‘UNSDG 10 Most Influential People in Healthcare Award’ in Geneva, Switzerland on 25th May. 2019.

The five keynote speakers of UNSDG (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) organization included Randy Oostra (UNICEF Executive Director), Henrietta H Fore (WHO Director General), Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and Abe Kee along with Acharya Ji. In presence of more than 500 participants from 50 countries including State Heads, Health Mininsters, Policy Makers, Chairman and CEOs from Industries and Civil Societies, High ranking UN, Who and NGO officials, Noble Laureates, Leading Scientists, Acharya Ji represented the ancient heritage of sages and presented his speech in context of World Health on the significance of world’s oldest heritage – Yoga & Ayurveda in it’s fundamental language: Sanskrit.

“Our goals are aligned with the overall objectives of UNSDG. We consider the whole universe as our family. With limited institutional resources we have been working on several fronts on a global level, for the promotion of quality health and public welfare, which is driven by sheer hard work, determination and intense endeavor of million of volunteers.” quoted Acharya Ji in his speech.

“I am humbled to receive the prestigious UNSDG Award to ten most influential people in Healthcare on behalf of Patanjali Group of Institutions. This award is dedicated to all who contributed to mainstream Yoga and Ayurveda at the Global Level. I feel proud when I put forth the culture, Yoga & Ayurveda of India in front of the whole world and it accepts and listens carefully. I am really grateful to our sages that I got the opportunity to raise my voice in UN, I am overwhelmed by your love and emotion” is the response of Acharya Ji after receiving this award.

Overwhelmed with the success and honor received received by Acharya Ji, His Holiness Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj said that “It was moment of pride for both Patanjali and India because Acharya Ji represented the country. He was invited to represent India, in context of global health, how lifestyle diseases can be treated with Yoga, Ayurveda and traditional Indian methods, and Patanjali has contributed towards this. Acharya Ji showed how through the traditional systems one can treat the big threat of lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension which are the main causes of organ failures in human body. Just like allopathy, now the whole world will recognize evidence based Ayurvedic medicine too.”