Acharya Balkrishna

These 5 Are India’s Youngest Billionaires Who Have Proven Age Has Nothing To Do With Success

Oct 2020: Forbes’ annual Rich List declaration is seen by most as a reliable touchstone when it comes to weighing the collosal wealth some of the world’s richest people have accumulated. Many dream of making it to one of the many Forbes’ list, though the Rich List is one of the most sought after.

Hours ago Forbes declared its India Rich List 2020 and while there are no surprises who topped the India’s Richest Billionaire list, many people have been amazed by the names that featured on Forbes’ Youngest Indian Billionaires’ list.

Patanjali’s Chairman Acharya Balkrishna is the third youngest billionaire with personal wealth of $2.22 billion. It is reported that he has amassed such a massive amount through his work and position at Patanjali Ayurved where he owns the bulk of the privately held company. Read More….