Acharya Balkrishna

Baba Ramdev launches India’s first Ayurvedic medicine ‘Coronil’ for Covid 19

February 19, 2021: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has launched a new drug to prevent the Corona virus infection. Ramdev made the announcement at an event at the Constitution Club in the capital, Delhi, on Friday. The event was attended by Health Minister Harsavardhan and Union Roads and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari.

Baba Ramdev said Covid would now be treated on Patanjali’s colonel tablets. The Ministry of AYUSH has approved the colonel tablet as an adjunct. Several research books have also been published on the drug.

In the past, colonial tablets were simply referred to as immune booster. The company claimed that 90 percent of the victims had recovered from the drug for three days. On Friday, Ramdev said it was a historic day. It is Hu-GMP certified.

“India will lead the world,” Ramdev added. Similarly, Nitin Gadkari said that Baba Ramdev has set up a research institute for Ayurveda research. There is already hope for Ayurveda. The coronil has now received a certificate from the lab.

Health Minister Harshavardhan also said that the coronel’s report was “positive” in all the tests. Ayurvedic medicine is important in keeping people healthy. It will bring a revolution to medical history. Read More…..