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Hawan neutralisespathogens, purifiesenvironment: Patanjali

Hawan neutralisespathogens, purifiesenvironment: Patanjali Jan 9, 2022: Haridwar: The practice of hawan/yagya, involving the ritual burning of offerings such as grains and ghee, decontaminates the environment and is effective against contagious diseases caused by microbial pathogens like bacteria and fungi, claim a study conducted by a team of scientists from the Haridwar- based Patanjali Research Institute (PRI). The research has been published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine, an American scientific journal. “This is the first scientific evidence showing that the ancient practice of yagya/hawan purifies the environment. Besides being a safe and eco-friendly way of decontamination, hawan also helps attain mental peace and holistic physical health,” said Acharya Balkrishna Patanjali Yog Vidyapeeth Trust general secretary. Detailing how the study was conducted, Dr Anurag Varshney, vice-president, PRI, told TOI, “The pathogenic microbes that are usually present in contaminated environments and cause skin, lungs, stomach and urogenital infections — were exposed to the fumes arising from the combustion of hawan samagri (offerings) and it was found that their growth was inhibited in a time-dependent manner.” The researchers found that vishaghna dhoop (incense stick) -used in hawan — comprised nanoparticles that were loaded with anti-microbial phytocompounds. “Not only did vishaghna dhoop limit the growth of pathogens but its combustion was also found safe for lungs,” added Dr Varshney. Read More…..